Municipal Capital Development Program
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Municipal Capital Development Program

Working with cities, counties, and special districts, Silverado has a customized capital development plan that gets projects off the drawing board and into construction. By partnering with Silverado, municipalities mitigate cost increases, expedite shovel-ready projects and revitalize existing.  In order to be eligible, municipalities need to have a BBB rating or better.

Municipal Role

A municipality such as a City, including Successor Agencies, County or Special District, identifies a community need or a social infrastructure project.  Social infrastructure includes things such as a new fire or police station, city hall, civic center, or homeless center. In addition to new infrastructure, existing buildings that may no longer serve current needs are given a new life and use.  A long-term lease agreement with an option to buy, provides protection to the taxpayers, as well as minimizes the financial impact.

Silverado’s Role

Silverado provides the overall project financing.  Each project is custom designed to meet the municipality’s needs and finances and includes facilitating the EIR/Negative declaration process, turn-key construction, project labor agreements, renewable energy and storage components, as well as water-efficient plumbing and landscapes.



By partnering with Silverado, the projects are able to move quickly and efficiently.  The desired new infrastructure is completed, meeting a community need while existing infrastructure, such as a former fire station or civic center is redeveloped into a new use.  The financing risk is mitigated ensuring taxpayers are protected. The partnership agreement is structured in such a way that provides flexible ownership opportunities while saving taxpayers money and mitigating financial risk.

Each project is unique and different. To see how your project may qualify, complete our pre-application.